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Where the ADVANTAGE is yours!

How would you like to come to work tomorrow morning and everything looks brand new? Advantage Electrostatic can make that dream come true for you. Whether it is your building's wrought iron fences, front entrance doors and window frames, elevator doors, restroom stalls, staircases, or office furniture, Advantage Electrostatic can make it all look brand new--overnight. We can paint almost anything made of metal whether it is inside or outside, ON YOUR SITE.

Advantage Electrostatic has over 20 years experience in the paint business. Our shop and office is in Houston, Texas, and we work primarily in the greater Houston area, but have worked all over Texas. We will work out of state if needed. We normally work either after your office closes or on weekends so we don't interfere with your business. We will work whatever time is convenient for you.

We use only the finest electrostatic paints manufactured today. Perfection Epoxy Glaze 2 part polyamide epoxy coating is used when the items to be painted are due for inside use. Perfection was the originator of electrostatic coatings for on-site painting. Dupont Imron is our first choice for outside application, due to its superior resistance to UV radiation fading.

With Advantage Electrostatic you can choose from hundreds of standard factory colors or let us custom match any color you might want to coordinate with your current decor. We furnish paint spray-outs for your or your architect's approval at no additional cost.

Electrostatic painting is very economical when compared to purchasing new equipment. You can typically SAVE 80% or more. There is also a tax advantage to refurbishing versus buying new. You can write the whole cost off in that year, rather than amortizing over several years.

Advantage Electrostatic is fully insured FOR YOUR PROTECTION. We carry Workers Compensation and $2,000,000 in general liability insurance. We remove all paint waste products from your location and dispose of them as proscribed by law. Call us if you have questions or need an insurance certificate.

With the electrostatic process there is no paint "over-spray" cloud in the air to make a mess. The paint is drawn tightly to the metal surface by opposite electrical charges generated by our sophisticated paint equipment. We use the Ransberg #2 handgun. The most efficient, least messy paint gun in our business. You may even find that the area we were working in is cleaner when we leave than when we started.

The electrostatic painting process is also ideal for use in fitness or health clubs, schools (lockers), hospitals, apartments, supermarkets, banks, laboratories, and country clubs. We have worked in all those areas and even have painted items for Lockheed Martin for the Space Shuttle.

We at Advantage Electrostatic appreciate your visit to our web site and we hope you will call or fax us if you have a need for our services or want a free estimate. Even if you just have a question about the electrostatic process, just give us a call at 713-466-8989. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Jim Wilson, President

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